About Us

There are many things going on at the Evansburg & District Public Library!

We are housed at the Grand Trunk High School. The public library and the school library share a spacious area just inside the front door. We have a colourful children’s area with furniture and books perfect for little people. Adults can sit in our comfy reading area to peruse the daily paper or one of the several magazines we subscribe to.

Check out the many databases provided through The Alberta Library (TAL). Health care, geneology, newspapers, the arts, gardening, and car repair are just some of the databases that are available free of charge!

Our computers are equipped with high speed internet and are used often by community people at no charge. We have a collection of over 10,000 items in our own library and access to over 15 million more in over 230 Alberta libraries through our interlibrary loan system.

Come visit us and see for yourself that the Evansburg Library is more than books!